Greetings from The Area 51 Rider!

Area 51 - Dreamland. Area 51 ist die mysteriöse US-Geheimanlage in der Wüste von Nevada. Die Geschehnisse rund um Area 51 sind Ausgangspunkt zahlreicher Verschwörungstheorien. Was ist der Zweck von Area 51? Welche Technologien werden in Area 51 entwickelt? Wie sind die Koordinaten in Google Earth und Google Maps?
Was hat es mit Bob Lazar auf sich?

Area 51 Newbie
Area 51 Newbie
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Greetings from The Area 51 Rider!

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Greetings from The Area 51 Rider!

I've been exploring the borders of Area 51 and other secret facilities since 2003. Pushing the boundaries, and going to places most people don't even know about. I do my best to document my explorations with video and pictures. A lot of my time is spent doing a significant amount of research, to make sure my video's are factual (other than a "fake" sonic boom...) to the best of my knowledge, and not just a copycat of someone else's channel. Next trip... unknown.

Please check out my Youtube channel and Facebook page.



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