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Art Bell

Verfasst: 02.07.2009 - 23:01
von schefmar
Bin durch Zufall, auf You Tube,zu diesem Video gestossen. ... e=related
In dieser Radio Talk Show von Art Bell , a la Domian, wird live während der Sendung, in die gesperrte Zone geflogen. Hört sich ziemlich gefaked an , aber weiss da einer mehr über den Moderator und seinen Sendungen auf

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von *M$*
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von schefmar
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  • In Deinem Link mag es ja ein wenig glaubwürdig klingen.
    In DIESEM Link wird auch klar, das Art Bell (Kunst Glocke)
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Hier ist das gleiche
Sowas nimmt man in Sibirien auf, wenn man ein Mikro in ein tiefes Loch lässt(':rolleyes:')

Bei A.Bell geht wohl alles ein wenig mehr in Richtung Entertainment, obwohl einiges schon interessant ist.
Hier ein paar remarkable points von seinen Anrufern (Quelle Wikipedia, leider in englisch)

* On May 23, 1997 Art interviewed a man who called himself "Victor", who claimed to have been at S-4 (near Area 51), and was responsible for the release to the public of a nearly 3 minute video commonly called the "alien interview". For almost two hours, Victor described the ebe program at S-4, verifying most of Bob Lazar's claims. The interview can be heard here. <--- fix me
* J.C. Webster the Third, or "J.C." – J.C. began calling in 1996, and has since been on the air over 50 times. He features himself to be a Revival Baptist preacher, and believes Art to be "the Devil's Mouthpiece." He has continued to call George Noory and guest hosts. Although some have expressed a disbelief that someone like J.C. could exist, Art Bell and George Noory have repeated their beliefs that J.C. is real, and is neither a "put on" nor a "plant."
* One of Art Bell's Coast to Coast interviews occurred in 1997 with Mel Waters, who discussed what is known as "Mel's Hole" in rural Washington, which is said to be an infinitely deep hole featuring paranormal powers. No such hole has ever been found.
* In the mid to late 1990s, a regular caller named "Fritz" would call in and give his view on various matters.
* In the mid to late 1990s, another regular caller known only as "Charlie Liberal" used to call with his perspectives on current events.
* In April 1996, Bell received a package of what would be known as "Art's Parts". These parts were allegedly pieces of debris from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. Extensive analysis of the metals indicated they were made of an odd Bismuth material.
* In 2000 and 2001, Bell spoke with John Titor, a self proclaimed time traveler from 2036 who made all kinds of fantastic predictions and discussed time travel.
* In February 2005, Bell received a call from a person calling himself "Oscar" proclaiming to be "the Son of Satan." Oscar had since also called George Noory, but disappeared after a June, 2007 on-air confrontation with J.C.
* One night in 1997, Art Bell received a fax from a woman named Jill who requested he clear a line for her boyfriend, whom she claimed was determined to fly a small plane into Area 51. He cleared the "Wild Card Line," took the man's call, which he broadcast on-air. Bell warned that the U.S. government would either try to force him down or shoot him down and warned, "You'd better turn around now." The caller described military jets arriving to intercept him, then taking fire from the ground before shouting "Oh baby, I think I'm going in! Prepare for anything! Whoohoo!" and the line went dead. Bell traded follow-up faxes with the woman, but never heard again from the man. Bell allows that the call may have been a hoax, but many listeners at the time believed it was genuine.[8] Some even believe that, rather than killing the man, the personnel actually had him work for them.
* At about 11 p.m. PST, Thursday, September 11, 1997, he designated one phone line for Area 51 employees who wanted to discuss the secretive base. Several callers claimed to work at Area 51, but the bizarre highlight of the night came when a seemingly distraught and terrified man claimed to be a former Area 51 employee recently discharged for "medical" reasons. He cited malevolent extraterrestrials at Area 51 ("extra-dimensional beings" who are not "what they claim to be") and an impending disaster that the government knew would take out "major population centers." Midway through this call, Bell's program went off the air for about 30 minutes. After talking to network engineers, the official explanation was that the network satellite had "lost earth lock" or forgotten where the earth was. Network officials were baffled, and the cause remains a mystery.
o This incident formed the basis of the song "Faaip de Oiad" by the rock band Tool, which features said interview (with Art Bell's part cut out), over frantic drumming and buzzing static.
o Another song featuring this call was "They are not what they claim to be ..." by electronic artist The serenity Vortex (previously known as The Boy Flood). It was featured on the main page of Coast to Coast AM in the listers submission section. This version is more purely musical than Tool's but still has a dark edge to it.
o Yet another song featuring the call was "It's Out There and It's Gonna Get You" by experimental Texas-quartet The Paper Chase on their 2006 album Now You Are One Of Us.
o And another song "Planetary Duality I : Hideous Revelation" by the Technical Death Metal band The Faceless that uses what the caller said with fast guitars, drums, and eerie noises dubbed over the callers voice.
* A caller in 2000 named "Daniel Murray" claimed he was a Majestic Agent from Downey, CA.
o This call served as the inspiration for the alternate reality game Majestic.[9]
* In March 2005 a man also called about disturbing events on Kwajalein and Johnston Atoll about a weapon that only targeted certain people and could leave others unhurt. He indicated he had been on both islands (that are US military only) and that these weapons had been tested in 1993. Art lost the call after another voice came on the line with a click saying "Shelton, terminate the call from A-6." Art tried to call the man back but was unsuccessful.
* "Bugs" - Aging farmer who has repeatedly told of his account of shooting and burying two Bigfoot creatures back in the 1970s in the Texas Panhandle, initially thinking they were bears. Bugs has mailed a map of the location of this "burial" to Art Bell, to be released to the public upon Bugs' death. During his first appearance in 1996, Bugs said he had taken a dozen Polaroid photos of the creatures he would be willing to send to Art. None of the alleged photos have yet been made available.
* In 2003, Chris Clements, a freelance writer with the Washington Post, called Art Bell to tell him he had evidence of a financial connection between the Bush family and the Bin Laden's. Clements went on further to tell of how his research showed that 9/11 may have been orchestrated by the Bush family and hinted at proof of a coming police state with secret prisons and the chipping of citizens. Clements promised to forward all of his information to Bell but it was reported that Clements died in a suspicious car crash in the weeks after his call.